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Milena na "Fashion does it better"
Opiniotwórczy paryski blog Fashion does it better napisał dziś nie tylko o naszej świetnie zapowiadającej się modelce Milenie, ale również w superlatywach wyraził się o naszej agencji. Przeczytajcie sami!
Milena@8fi Models
"If 8fi Models is still considered a rather new agency (and it's actually a good thing when you associate new to innovative energy), its name quickly earned a place on the roadmap of several international scouts after launching the career of AG (aka Agnieszka Pulapa) with IMG. This was certainly some well-deserved attention for the agency located in the beautiful Kazimierz district in Krakow as it has been relentlessly looking for new talents to develop. One of these young Polish beauties found by 8fi is Milena, a 5'10 brunette who recently caught our eyes for her sleek features, gorgeous cheekbones and sparkly personality. Regardless if you believe in the come-back of classic beauty or you've been looking for timeless faces without paying attention to trends, Milena is the one you have on your radar when you zoom across 8fi's board. Unmistakable potential." Fashion does it better