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Angela - backstage sesji zdjęciowej w Salzburgu

Nasza modelka Angela wzięła udział w sesji zdjęciowej do advertorialu w Salzburgu, przepięknym mieście w północno-zachodniej Austrii. Miasto to położone jest w pobliżu granicy z Niemcami w Alpach. 

Panoramy pochodzą z Tourismus Salzburg


Angela@8fi Model Managment

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Weronika - pierwsze testy z Nowego Jorku

Weronika - pierwsze testy z Nowego Jorku. Fotografował Dawid AgbodjiZapraszamy do obejrzenia!








Weronika@8fi Model Management 

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Iwona - testy z Paryża

 Zapraszamy do obejrzenia najnowszych zdjęc testowych Iwony prosto z Paryża.


Iwona@8fi Model Management

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Kasia i Weronika na Digital Diamonds

Digital Diamonds - blog o najbardziej obiecujących nowych twarzach, wybranych spośród najlepszych agencji matek na świecie, napisał o naszych modelkach Kasi oraz Weronice.


Digital Diamonds o Weronice:

"Let Weronika Dus give you an education. She's just fifteen year old but possesses an enormously wide array of interest and knowledge which amazes her mother agent each time he gets to talk to her. With an IQ measured at 148 (!) and discipline en masse, she won't struggle to maintain her educational training besides acquiring herself a place in the fashion industry. It may sound a little bit pretentious, but if you ask me she truly emits this intelligent, witty and kind of feline gaze. IMG Models is enthusiastic over this mesmerizing beauty who spends time in New York under their guidance at the moment."

Digital Diamonds o Kasi:

"Kasia should feel free as a bird as she took her final exams just a few weeks ago and she's intending to study medicine. But you will probably have to wait until she fixes your broken arms and sprained ankles because a modelling career is also a lucrative option for the eighteen year old stunner. Her angular beauty really transcends onto the runway as spotted on local fashion weeks and being compcared to supermodel Anja Rubik right from the start certainly isn't a unfavorable condition to kick things off in this business. 8fi is working on her placements right now and I'm excited to see her next steps!"

Kasia and Weronika@8fi Model Management

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Karolina pozdrawia z kontraktu w Seulu!

Karolina pozdrawia z kontraktu w Seulu!

Karolina@8fi Model Management

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